The Wedding Dress (08-09-2018)


Elena Kosshka’s big day, the minutes are coming. Elena is marrying the perfect man, and she couldn’t be happier. Today is the day your dream went shopping for the wedding dress. His stepmother, Syren de Mer, is there to help him and squeeze him. When Elena looks in the mirror, syren can’t help her; she just looks beautiful. Syren says it might be a good idea to try a few dresses before you choose her. When Elena was about to get naked, she looked at Syren and told him to look after him. Syren laughs at the fact that he’s still shy around him, even though he’s his stepmother. Elena tells him to go on and change. When syren turns his head, he realizes that the mirror on the wall reflects his naked step-daughter to him. He can’t help but look at her and see how big she is. She couldn’t be prouder than a woman and syren anymore. Besides, she can’t notice the folds of her thighs, how her breasts are sagging. Elena comes back wearing the second outfit and realizes that the first one looks better. They decide you can try it again before you buy it. This also gives syren another opportunity to watch his Dressing. Syren can’t help but let him open up and spend some time playing with him before he finishes his daughter’s Dressing. Elena looks in the mirror and realizes her mother is playing herself. How could it be? Syren admits he doesn’t want to lose her, and Elena says she’s ridiculous. One last hug and start kissing!